Open Days 2023


The Germans Trias Hospital hosts the 2023 Open Days period for future residents between March 20 and 24, both included. This year, as in the previous edition, the sessions are online.

The hospital's Teaching Committee organizes a week of virtual meetings with the residents of the different specialities, in which they will inform you about the training options offered by the centre and solve any doubts that may arise. On the website, you can check the calendar with the updated schedule, as well as the access to the registration form to attend the sessions.
During these days, you will also be able to go deep into all of the assistance services of the hospital and learn from its current residents about the spaces where you will work, the routines that you will follow and your daily life as a future resident of the Germans Trias, thanks to different videos that will be uploaded to Youtube and social media.

For any question, you can contact:


What do our residents think about Germans Trias?

According to the satisfaction survey completed by the residents last year, they particularly valued certain aspects, such as the overall teaching process, the acquisition of professional skills, the facilities for attending courses and congresses and to do research. They also emphasized the supervision of physical presence during the rotations and the evaluation of the heads of services.





Today you can meet the Preventive Medicine Service