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Choose Germans Trias

At Germans Trias Hospital we have 45 specialties and 94 accredited places to do the residence. Furthermore,  we currently have 316 residents in our centre.


Once you have chosen and obtained the place in the ministry to study the specialty at Germans Trias, you must contact the secretary of the Teaching Committee of the Hospital:


You will find the secretary of Teaching at the Espina Modular Hospital 1.C. (accessing through the entrance of the Maternal building). Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.


During these days, you will also be able to go deep into all of the assistance services of the hospital and learn from its current residents about the spaces where you will work, the routines that you will follow and your daily life as a future resident of the Germans Trias, thanks to different videos that will be uploaded to Youtube, Twitter and Instagram.


What do our residents think about Germans Trias?

According to the satisfaction survey completed by the residents last year, they particularly valued certain aspects, such as the overall teaching process, the acquisition of professional skills, the facilities for attending courses and congresses and to do research. They also emphasized the supervision of physical presence during the rotations and the evaluation of the heads of services.