Donating blood, a gesture of solidarity and civic responsibility


In Catalonia, 1,000 donations per day are required to meet the needs of the sick.

Most daily surgeries, organ transplants and cancer treatments require blood components transfusion.

Despite scientific advances, volunteer donations are the only means to obtain the necessary blood.

In general, anyone who is in good health and meets the following conditions can donate blood:

  • 18 years old
  • Over 50 kg
  • Not pregnant

It is not necessary to be on an empty stomach to donate blood.



Where to donate blood


The Blood and Tissue Bank is the Health Department's public corporation responsible for ensuring the supply of blood and tissue and their appropriate use in Catalonia.

At the Germans Trias Hospital in Badalona there is a donation point. Check the schedule here.  

The Blood Bank also organizes donation campaigns for all Catalonia and manages donation points in other hospitals. You can find out more in the Where can I donate section on the website

For more information, please call the Blood Bank's donor service at 93 557 35 00, send an email to, or a message to Twitter @donarsang, Facebook, or visit