Initial appointments or diagnostic tests



Initial appointments or diagnostic tests

If you have an initial appointment with a German Trias specialist or a scheduled diagnostic test, it is because a healthcare professional has ordered it. In other words, you cannot schedule it yourself. The order should come from:


  • The primary care physician: the appointment or test is generally scheduled from the Primary Health Centre or the doctor's office, and they will let you know the date and time. Sometimes, the hospital is asked to schedule the appointment. If that is the case, the Germans Trias Hospital itself will notify you of the date and time by telephone or mail.
  • Emergency services: after emergency care at a hospital, you may have an appointment or a test scheduled. We will let you know the date and time by phone or mail.
  • Hospitalization area: we will make a follow-up appointment or schedule a diagnostic test when you are discharged
  • A hospital service professional: who recommends that you see a specialist from a different service or that you have a test.
  • A professional from a lower complexity centre.


Once the appointment or the test is scheduled, you will receive text message to remind you of the time and centre where you should go a few days in advance. It is not necessary to reply. Please call the telephone number indicated in the text message only if you have any questions.

The appointment or the test may be at the hospital or at one of the three centres where the Germans Trias specialists see patients:


Follow-up appointments

If you need to have another appointment, the doctor will request it, and you can go to the nearest counter to schedule it. If it is not in the near future, you will receive the notice later on.


Cancelling the appointment

If you are unable to come for a scheduled appointment or test and have to reschedule it, we suggest you do it by sending an email to

Also, from Monday to Friday, 8:00-15:00, you can call.

Please keep in mind that if you do not let us know that you need to reschedule the appointment or test and you do not show up, your appointment will be cancelled out.


The day of the appointment or test

On the day of the appointment or test, you should bring:

  • ID or passport
  • Individual health card
  • Appointment notification
  • All the documents that your doctor has indicated


Upon arriving at the Hospital, at the entrances of the general building and the maternity-infant building you have to pass a control to access the facilities of the center.

If you had a scheduled visit to any of the external consultancy services or cabinets, you must pass the Individual Sanitation Card (TSI) to the screen reader who will check the lobbies. Once you have passed the card, the screen will indicate where you have to go, and at the same time the professionals that you have attended will have a record that you have arrived.

Access only be allowed 15 minutes before the arranged appointment.


If the screen indicates that you did not have a visit, or if you have any doubt, stop by the information table.

In the case that you do not have the Individual Sanitary Card (TSI), have to provide your identity document (document d'identitat or passaport), and the visit sheet.


Please wait in the waiting room until your turn comes.


In the waiting room, follow the hanging recommendations, including turning off your cell phone.


We remind you that in case of a visit to the consultations, or a scheduled diagnostic test, you will have to attend alone, without a companion. Exceptionally, minors and people who need it may be accompanied by a single person.