Promoting health



More and more, the hospital works everyday to promote the health of the people it treats and of the general population.



The centre is a member of the Health Promoting Hospital Network in Catalonia. The network is an international entity working on refocusing healthcare towards actively promoting health.

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Mediterranean menus

Since 2010, Germans Trias Hospital is commited to offer menus based on Mediterranean diet not only to the patients but also to professionals. The hospital belongs to "Mediterranean Feeding" (AMED), a project promoted by Catalan Health Department.


Health literacy

The hospital is part of a work group focused on health literacy and aiming to make information more accessible to users of healthcare systems:in the last few years, Germans Trias has been working on reviewing all the information issued to patients and those who accompany them, which means editing hundreds of information sheets to avoid jargon and complex writing.

This task is headed by the Quality Management Department in the framework of the Editorial Committee, which is also made up of the heads of the Medical and Nursing Management Departments and the Communications team.Nearly seventy documents are revised every year.

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Videos for patients

In 2013, the Germans Trias hospital started producing videos for patients to become familiar with how the hospital operates in case they need medical assistance. These videos can be viewed on the CHI's Youtube channel on the North Metropolitan section (hospital's playlist), and they deal with admission, ambulatory surgery, day hospital, home hospitalization and specialist consultation, among others:



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Expert information

On this web page, hospital services explain some of the main illnesses they deal with and how they can be diagnosed and treated. You can review them, service by service, in the Healthcare Services section.

The Health Department also offers reliable and extensive information about many illnesses on the Health Channel.


Training sessions for patients and their families

Healthcare services organize information sessions for hospital patients who have to start living with complex illnesses and for their families.

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The hospital is open to people who wish to learn more about it, and it offers tours to students interested in how it works.

It also publishes blogs written by professionals who wish to establish direct contact with their patients and other interested people (language: Catalan).


In addition, the Germans Trias Hospital regularly collaborates with Badalona Radio, where once a month hospital experts give out information about pathologies or news.

The centre also participates in national health fairs, and professionals organize health promotion activities on different world diseases days at the hospital's lobby.

The hospital and the German Trias Institute's healthcare or research news that are relevant for people are communicated through press releases. You can find them in the News section.


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